Flooding is a common type of water damage source to your property. There are many sources of flooding. The water in flood could be seawater, groundwater, surface water or water from a reservoir.

Whatever the source of flooding water may be, it is a major problem that causes damage to your property, furniture, carpeting, personal belongings and appliances.

Coastal floods are caused when level of seawater arises and affects dry, low land. River flooding occurs when river water flows over its banks and affects surrounding land and soil. When the artificial lakes made as water reservoirs for rivers fail, reservoir flooding can occur.

When the levels of underground water rise and reach the ground level, flooding can occur.

Fortunately, you can follow some measures and prevent flooding in your property. These measures are as follows:

  • First of all, you should check if your property is at risk of being flooded or not. And even if the risk is low, you should still use some precautions.
  • When you know about your surroundings, you would be able to get an understanding of the direction from where flood water can come inside your property and do measures according to it.
  • You can install brackets on both sides of your doorway, that would act as flood barriers.
  • You can also install extra drains around the boundary of your house. This would be beneficial in case of small flooding but not much effective in great floods.
  • Growing grass in the general path of flooding water would provide with a source for water drainage.
  • If at risk of flooding, you can make sandbags that when placed in path of the flood water, would not let it enter into your house.
  • Better than cheap sandbags are flood proof doors that are not so cheap. But they are very effective barriers against flood water.

Sometimes, doing even all these measures cannot save your property from being damaged by flood water. Flood water if remains accumulated inside your house basement, would not only damage your flooring and carpeting. It would also damage your furniture, walls and other appliances. Specially if the water comes in contact with electrical appliances or wires, it creates a possibility for a fire to start.

If this situation is not dealt with within 24 hours, there could be irreparable damage. The carpeting has to be replaced, mold and mildew grow that need to be cleaned and the house and furniture need proper decontamination and drying.

All of this could take a toll on your mental and physical health. So, it is better to contact any of the flood restoration companies and let the professionals handle all the mess.

Home insurance does not cover your flood insurance but you could buy a flood insurance policy but it would not cover the damages if the flood damage to your house is due to your own negligence. So, whenever you face flooding issues, you should first call your insurance agent who would guide you and then call the restoration company.

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